All Saints Church, Wrabness

Wrabness Church is open for private prayer each week, Friday 10am-12noon, but his time may have to change on occasion, so please check Supervised Prayer page.

The Domesday Book, commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1085, contains this reference to Wrabness:

WRABENASA contained St Edmund’s Abbey. A mill, a salthouse, 5 beehives, 2 foals and 200 sheep.

It is highly likely that there was an Anglo Saxon place of worship on the site of the current church, which dates from about 1120. The first named priest is John The  Chaplain, in 1220.

So 2020 is the 900th anniversary of the current Wrabness church building (which has of course been much modified and extended over the centuries). And 2020 is also the 800th anniversary of the first named priest. So it is  a good year to celebrate so many centuries of Christian worship in Wrabness.

May 17th, Rogation Sunday, was to have been the Sunday when the church planned a celebration, a special service (which Bishop Stephen Cottrell was originally going to lead) then a walk through the meadows down to the river, then a buffet lunch in the village hall. Many people were to have been invited to give thanks for all those who have faithfully served God in Wrabness over the centuries. However, this has all gone on hold for the time being. Bishop Stephen is going to be made Archbishop of York in July, so will be unable to join us for any future celebrations. But we still hope to hold a special service, possibly on All Saints Day, November 1st, as the church is dedicated to All the Saints. Watch this space!

Address: Church Road, Wrabness, Manningtree CO11 2TG