Wix graveyard re-use


The Churchyard is nearly full and so the PCC needs to consider what action to take in connection with the future provision of burial spaces in the churchyard. The issue of churchyards being full is becoming more common and if you live in Wix it is your civil right to be buried in the churchyard if you wish.
The current situation is this:

  • The Churchyard is nearly full
  • People still request burials as an alternative to cremation and interment of ashes.
  • Once a churchyard is full it must be formally closed for burials.
  • A closed churchyard sadly can become a neglected churchyard.

To keep our churchyard open and in a good state there are two options:

  • To purchase more land to extend the churchyard
  • Re-use some of the existing churchyard

The Parochial Church Council’s preferred option is to seek approval to reuse an area of the churchyard in order to extend the ability for burial in the churchyard for many years to come. The area proposed is where graves are over 100 years old and there are no headstones. If we do not receive permission to reuse it will ultimately lead to the churchyard being closed. 
To proceed with this option:

  1. A Diocesan Faculty will need be sought for this scheme (church equivalent to planning permission). If approved, the churchyard will have provision for burials to continue for many years to come. When a new grave is dug any mortal remains which are found will be re-interred by a Priest in the same place, but at a greater depth.
  2. Before we can apply for a Faculty, we are required to consult with the wider community to explain the plan and to give them the opportunity to raise any questions. 

This notice will be in the village magazine for three months and also displayed on church and village notice boards. An opportunity to view the detailed plans and ask any questions is planned for Saturday 27th February.  Venue tba.

If you have any questions about this scheme in advance of the exhibition mentioned above, please get in touch with Ann Button (annmuncila@aol.com); or myself  liz_barnes@sky.com
Revd Liz Barnes, Vicar of St Mary’s, Wix

Date of notice: 
Thursday, 3 December 2020