Christmas Message


As I write, there is some uncertainty about Christmas, whether turkeys and toys will be freely available, how bad covid rates will be and whether we will be able to celebrate Christmas normally. All the doubts that we have become accustomed to since the pandemic are back again. We look back to pre-pandemic times with nostalgia. And the whole climate change debate has ratcheted up our levels of anxiety.

How are we to view the Christmas message in the light of all the gloom and doom? When Jesus was born, two thousand years ago, times were hard. The country was occupied by foreign overlords. Droughts and famines and plagues were common. A tyrannical king ordered the slaughter of all Jewish baby boys, so Jesus’s parents fled to Egypt to protect him. Poverty and illness were common. But the light came into the darkness, and the darkness has never overcome it.

The God we celebrate at Christmas is a God of Love, a God who loves each and every one of the people he has created. The God we celebrate is a God of Light, who shines in the dark places.  The God we celebrate is a God of Life, who offers fullness of Life to those who trust him. The God we celebrate brings peace, he is the King of Peace.


What better things could we celebrate this Christmas? We may not be able to eat turkey, we may not have been able to buy all the things we had planned, but we can still celebrate the birth of a helpless baby whose coming transformed the world.

We wish you a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a healthy and joyful new year. You will be VERY welcome at any of our services over the Christmas period. Or if you prefer peace and quiet, just pop into one of our churches and enjoy the love and light and life and peace of the Christ Child.

And may you have a happy and healthy and peaceful New Year, whatever it may bring.


Date of notice: 
Tuesday, 7 December 2021